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A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable digital asset that represents real-world objects. They exist on the blockchain and so, cannot be replicated.
You can either purchase NFTs directly from creators or collectors.
To mint NFTs, you will need the UNC tokens and your Metamask wallet.
The social community enables creators to receive free minting by getting likes and comments on their collection page. The platform mints freely for the developer but will charge 2.5% on sales made from the minted token.
Yes! Every creator can set up the royalties feature to receive royalties. Royalties percentage is 2-10%.
The gaming NFTs for the presale launch are developed by top 3D artists.
You will need to purchase any of the car NFTs. Your car will be required to participate in any of the games.
The UNC will be listed on partnering exchange platforms after the offering phase. It will also be listed on the UNC decentralized exchange after its development has been completed.
Yes, anyone can join the community. However, only NFT holders will hold the right to like and comment on artists’ collections.