all-inclusive decentralized NFT marketplace

Creating more value for NFT Creators and Enthusiasts while also creating opportunities for increased passive income.

Why it Matters ?

We believe that the NFT world should not be an abstract space where people make transactions behind the scenes without bonding with enthusiasts of like minds. Instead, it should be a community where more value is given to the creator’s talents and where NFT collectors get more value for their holdings; beyond speculations. Built on the high-ended Binance Smart Chain, Utility NFT Coin poses as a space-changing NFT platform with a higher threshold for value creation.

Be first in line for the truly decentralized NFT movement!

When you MINT UNC you are instantly eligible to enter the meta-verse in our P2E (play to earn) GameFi experience and all participants will be eligible for the UNC (Utility NFT Coin)pink sale! The first project on multi-networks to empower creators, holders and the ecosystem by giving everyone vast earning potential. MINT this NFT and you will be “AIRDROPPED” (an NFT will be sent to your wallet) the stake-enabled version (v2)of your initial purchase at no additional cost.

Our private sale & presale will be held on the Pinksale protocol. To get on the whitelist, investors must buy 1 NFT UNC Coin.

Learn About The Machine

NFT Enthusiasts

The Utility NFT Coin is a decentralized all-inclusive NFT marketplace wherein users create, purchase and sell NFTs while also getting integrated as a major part of a social community of NFT enthusiasts.

Integrative Features

The integrative features in the platform include the NFT marketplace, the evaluative social community, and the gaming platform. Each of these integrative features is embedded with activities that give every community member sustainable accessibility to the NFT world.

Utility NFT Coin

The Utility NFT Coin platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which gives the ecosystem the effectiveness and interoperability it needs.


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Q1 2022

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