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Story Behind UNSEA

UND (Uncle NFT dividends) is the governance token of UNC (Utility NFT coin) and it was created on January 1st, 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain. Uncle NFT created UND as an experiment to form his own private investment group of NFT enthusiasts and innovative market makers.

In a short period of time after Uncle NFT and his business partner who goes by “Da Glove”, joined forces with two experienced mastermind crypto investors named Ali and Mick, their combined visions started to come to life at an accelerated rate! As the top Holders of UND; Uncle NFT, Da Glove and West-Side became the “Three headed Monster” that led a new found “wolf-pack” of great thinkers who collectively assembled their skill-sets to build an all inclusive social media NFT marketplace called UNSEA.

The foundation of UNC that began with a small group of like minded crypto traders and NFT art collectors within the UND private group quickly grew into something with much more intrinsic value. The goal of the UND/UNC investment group is to build both tokens to be exponentially lucrative to hold because each produces stable tokens when they are farmed or pooled on the UNSEA DEX. As the governance token of UNC, the more UND you hold the more your constructive ideas will be taken into account when we develop our DAO.

The extensive use cases for UNC and UND will undoubtedly play a major role in why UNSEA will be one of the most influential NFT projects known to the crypto space and change the way we think of Non-Fungible tokens forever!

Acquire your Utility NFT Coin tokens

Total Supply

20,000,000,000 Utility NFT Coin

WL Private Sale – 10%

2 Billion – 1.33 Million/BNB

Presale – 22%

4.4 Billion – 1.257 Million/BNB





Our Solution

all-inclusive decentralized NFT marketplace

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Our Mission

To be the all-inclusive decentralized NFT marketplace where NFT creators and enthusiasts can trade high-value tokenized assets, access a play2earn gaming network, and become a part of an expansive social community of NFT enthusiasts.

Utility Coin Crew


Fraud Alert: Beware of Scamsters

UNC announces primary listing on bitmart, Trading to start on 29/04/22 5:00 AM EDT

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UNC is proud to announce the 2nd batch of winners for the airdrop